Photography by Wolfgang Kurtz

Wolfgang Kurtz is a Cologne-based IT professional, co-owner of the internet agency KPUNKT and enthusiastic photographer.
What began as a hobby is also increasingly a part of his professional work.

On almost every weekend and not just in the sunshine, I walk with friends through the city of Cologne – a city where the photo motifs never end. Walking for 3 or 4 hours is good for me as a “heavy-weight” computer worker and the changing situations sharpen the eye for different objects. We usually photograph architecture – we also go to the surrounding countryside. But even small things like the burgeoning graffiti variant of the “glues” are beautiful finds.

Look at a small selection of my photos.
I would be glad if you like one or the other piece.

Many of the photos shown here have been made with the Nikon D60 and later D90. I do not think the technique or cost of the camera used is critical. Good photos are created mainly by the photographer’s wary eye. But a good tool motivates and inspires!

I am currently shooting with a full-size-sensor Nikon D750 with the flexible 24 – 120mm AF – S FX Nikkor lens 1:4, the Telezoom 70 – 300mm with its nice bokeh or the 60mm macro lens 1: 2.8 from Nikon for small subjects.

Here is a list of links I like to recommend:
Kpunkt – digitale Dienstleistungen – my own company for Internet services.

I own the copyright, theft of pictures will be prosecuted.
Copies can be traced through my account at
I am a member of Wikimedia Germany e.V.

All photos are also available in higher printable resolutions.
Just send me a mail…